Bucket List !

  1. Sky Diving
  2. Paragliding
  3. Swimming with sharks
  4. Swimming with dolphins
  5. Go to college
  6. Become a doctor
  7. Scuba Dive
  8. Change someones life
  9. Help those who are in need
  10. Visit a walk-though aquarium
  11. Visit the Eiffel Tower
  12. Ride thee London eye
  13. Cliff Diving
  14. Travel with my best friend
  15. Go to Italy
  16. Have a princess wedding
  17. Get married in a castle
  18.  Pet a panda
  19. Have a paint war
  20. Make a wish on a shooting star
  21. Shop in Paris
  22.  Crowed Surf
  23. Dive in the Great Barrier reef
  24. Ride a hot air balloon
  25. Have kids
  26. Play twister with paint
  27. See the Northern lights
  28. Learn how to surf
  29. Adopt a kid
  30. Hold a monkey
  31. Take a picture with a wild animal
  32. Dance with my dad in my wedding
  33. Have twins
  34. Swim in an infinity pool
  35. Rope swing into water

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta

I’ve noticed that this whole recipe blogs are pretty popular so this time I will be posting a recipe 

I am such a picky person when it comes down to food. I don’t eat any type of meat unless its chicken I don’t eat seafood and I don’t eat veggies. Yes I know it sound kind of crazy but that’s just how I am, and many of you who know me know that I love my bdubs but there is one thing that beats bdubs. With that being said if I could eat pasta and chicken everyday I would probably be the happiest person.

Whenever I get a chance to cook for my family I absolutely love it. One of my families favorites is the chicken fettuccine alfredo pasta I make.

First you will need to get a large pot and fill it up 2/3 with water make sure you don’t over fill it because then it will over flow once it starts to boil and also make sure you don’t under-fill it because this will cause the pasta to be all sticky. Once you have done this set the pot on the stove and put on the stove to high. You will then need to add 1 or 2 tbsp of salt. Then you will have to wait for the water to boil. Once it starts to boil add in the pasta and stir it make sure it doesn’t stick to the bottom. Wait and good 15 to 20 mins after the time has passed stir it around a bit and carefully take a strand of pasta out and bite it if it is hard and white in the middle leave the pasta on the stove for another 5 to 10 mins. Lastly once it’s done turn off the stove and carefully drain the pasta.

Now let’s go on the the Alfredo sauce. I don’t like the ones that are in the stores so I make my own.

Here’s the recipe !

Nickainley Regular

1/4 Cup of butter                1 1/2 cups of Freshly grated Parmesan cheese

1 Cup of heavy cream       1/4 Cup chopped fresh parsley

1 Garlic clove crushed

First you will need to melt the butter in a saucepan on medium low heat. After the butter is melted you will add the cream and simmer it for about 5 minutes. After the five minutes have passed you will need to add the garlic and  the paremesan cheese you will have to stir quickly so that the cheese doesnt melt and start to clump up. Lastly you will stir in the parsley and serve it.

Bon Appétit !!!!

Help those who are in need.

Why is it that we hear bad things about other places rather than hearing things about those who are in of help.? The media has made us think about war, deaths, narcotics, celebrities, and stuff like that causing us to have hatred towards other country. I’m more than sure that other countries aren’t as bad as the media makes them look like. Who knows maybe another country is making America seem dangerous and bad because of the things that have happened here but those thing shouldn’t be the highlight of America we live here and honestly it’s a perfectly fine place to live in. I mean obviously there are some things that happen in America that make it look dangerous but just because things happen around the world doesn’t mean we should have hatred nor should we be scared of other places and the people in them. Instead of stereotyping people and counties we should help each other not just for our safety but for the sake of our future generations for the kids we will one day bring into the world, so they can feel safe and so the they can get along with others of alternate cultures. As I was doing research about those who are in need of help I thought about the food drive we hold at school even though to some it may not seem like much it’s a blessing to those who receive the food. They’re like wow I can live another day thanks to people who were able to donate this food. To us it may not seem like such a big deal but it really it. We are putting smiles on faces and giving others another days of life. I also came across websites in which you are able to sponsor younger kids who can’t go to school or have a good meal due to financial issues. To me it is extremely important to help others and to make others feel loved and cared for just seeing them with a smile makes me happy. They didn’t chose to live the life they are living they were brought into it and just because they are not as privileged as others doesn’t mean they wont have a successful life. On the other hand I feel like those who grow up not having much work harder to get the things they never had growing up and also to give their family the better life. We should stop letting the media get to us and start helping those who are in need so the world can become a happier place


I’m sure we have all heard of bullying at least once in their life if not even more, because it’s such a big problem and everyone either contributes to it or they are the victim. Now you don’t have to actually hit or verbally abuse someone but if you see that someone is being hurt and you don’t speak up then you are contributing to it by letting the bully continue to hurt them. Many adults sometimes ignore it because they say that the kids are little and that they are just playing games. This just makes the problem worse it makes these kid start to think it is perfectly fine to be doing these types of things. Many kids that are bullies are the way the are because they get bullied at home or they see one of their parents abusing the other making the kid think that its a normal thing to do. Nearly 3.2 million students are victims of bullying 160,000 students will skip so that they don’t have to face their bully, and 1 in 10 students will drop out of school because of this issue. These bullies don’t just do this cause they want to have fun or because they want to seem cool. They do it because they are hurt they feel like less of a person and they need to make someone feel bad so that they can feel superior to them. They also do these types of thing because they are dying for attention and that is the sad thing like does someone really need to hurt someone so much that they consider suicide as an answer because they aren’t secure of themselves? I recently heard of this case that this 10 year old boy beat his 2 year old brother to death and they are thinking about putting him in jail for life, but what they didn’t say about this boy was that he was beat when he was younger by his step-dad the day he killed his brother he was angry about something his dad did to him and he took his anger out on his brother. Now i’m not saying that was he did was right because it wasn’t but if his mom would have sent him to therapy or maybe if his mom would have stayed and not make him watch his brother watch it would have all been prevented.  Bullying isn’t the answer to any question we should try to listen the kids around up so they don’t grow up with anger.

School Uniforms

Lately I have been hearing people say that they want school uniforms and that they are needed for our safety but I completely disagree with this because for one you can’t express who you are like you create a fake image of yourself just to please others, and two because people are creating a false image of themselves you don’t really know who they are you know? Lets say that there are gangsters in the school right, and they all have to dress up in a uniform you wouldn’t be able to distinguish them. Also, they say that it would be good because people would be saving up money but if you really think about it people are going to go out and buy clothes whether they need it or not you know they are going to need clothes for outside of school ? Like they’re not just getting it because of school. They need something to change into after school is over. I feel like they would be spending more money if we were to get uniforms because now not only are you going to be getting outside of school clothes but now you’re going to be getting school uniforms that will only be used during school and also you’re going to be washing more clothes because now not only will you have they one outfit but you will have two outfits so now instead of just having one load of dirty clothes you’ll have two. There are also parents who can’t afford having to buy uniforms and it would be crazy if they like had to cut their grocery budget just it get a uniform for their kids they shouldn’t have to do that they should give their kids what they can. This isn’t the real problem though let’s go back to what I was saying about not being able to express yourself, I feel like we should always be allowed to show who we are. Most of us dress how we are feeling that day and people know if we are upset or if something is up so that they can help us with it and if we were to wear uniforms I feel like we wouldn’t really be able to see how someone feels. For example us as girls wear makeup right?, and if we are upset or we are out of it we don’t put any on most of the times we don’t it and in some occasion we don’t put it on cause we don’t have time but most of the times if were not wearing it we are upset and we just didn’t want to do this usually  tell other people we are upset about something and they ask if everything is okay. For that reason it is that I believe we should be allowed to wear whatever we want to wear.


How bad do you want to be successful? Many give up because they constantly get let down or because they try to act cool in front of their friends. Like okay lets see what that’s going to get you later on in life. Lets be real we all need to be successful right. We all want fancy cars we all want to live in a mansion when we grow up so on so on but many people don’t try in high school so when they get to college it’s like 0_0 what am I doing this is what makes many drop out of college. They don’t realize how different it is than high school and they play around in college go to parties and then when they see that they are so behind and they can’t really make up things they get stressed and drop it. In all honest its up to you if you want to be successful or not. You can’t be letting people constantly bringing you down and telling you that you can’t do what you want to do. They can’t live your life for you. You have to be willing to make mistakes and fail so you can keep on trying until you succeed because as you keep making mistakes and failing you will learn your lesson and you will know what not to do next time in order to get what you want. You have to be willing to do the right thing at the right time because if you do something under the table or whatever when you can choose to do something wrong you can literally lose everything so all your hard work and all your money goes to the trash. Also to be successful isn’t to have a lot of money or to have things other people can’t have it’s about being able to do something you love to do and are willing to do it every single day of your life it’s about being happy with what you do. imagine if you had to do something you highly disliked because you did it cause of the money like yeah sure you’ll have what you want to be you will never be happy with what you do and many of the people who do things because of the money fail classes in highs school and or in college because they’re just not passionate about it so they really didn’t care about classes and stuff like that. Many people don’t go to college because none of their family went so they think that they wont be able to make it but image being the first one your parents would be so happy. so don’t let things like that get to you. Do something you are passionate about and prove to everyone that if you really want something you will succeed at it !