Over the years technology has increased about 40.3 percent. In 1995 there was only about 16 million  people whom used internet now there is about 2,937 million internet users. So if you think about it internet use has increased by 2921 million people Studies show that 6 out of 10 parents in the U.S. allow their children from ages 8 to 12 to have a cellphone. 80% of the parents buy it for their kids safety , communication, and to keep track of the the other 20 % buy it just because their kids ask for it. Meanwhile it being a good thing it could be such a dangerous thing! People can act like they are someone else in order to hurt other people. It can be easier to cyber-bull other kinds and worst thing is that some parents dont bother checking their kids stuff. Also, many schools are dropping pencil and paper and replacing it with computers this has caused a lot of students to drop their grades because they are getting distracted with other things like games. Also, it has made their grades drop because a lot of teachers are just making them watch videos to learn something which I personally think that it’s wrong because when you need to ask a question you wont be able to ask the computer and if you ask your teacher they wont know what you are talking about because they aren’t teaching you the computer is. 


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