Craziest Laws in the U.S.


In Alabama wrestling matches with bears are prohibited. Once I saw this I thought it was completely absurd because it should be obvious that you shouldn’t be wrestling with bears . Right?

It is also illegal  to drive blindfolded lol. Yeah ummm why in the world would anyone think of driving blindfolded that sounds like such a bad idea you would probably crash before you even pull out of the drive way.

Another law that caught my eye was that you are not allowed to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket. If you don’t want dirty pants then it you should know better than putting an ice cream cone in your back pocket because it is going to melt and then you’re going to be all sticky and dirty


In Alaska it is considered an offense to push a moose out of an airplane. First of all why would you even be in a plane with animals?!  I don’t know who could ever think about doing something like that if the moose isn’t doing anything to you then let it be.


In Arkansas if  teacher wears her hair as a bob they will not be able to get a raise. Why would it matter if a teachers hair is short or long I think all that should matter  is if a teacher is doing his/her job right or not. A raise should not be determined her their hair .

 A dog is not allowed to bark after 6 pm. I’m guessing there are like no dogs there because you cant control when a dog barks. What if there was a fire in your house or and intruder the dog should have barked but since your ‘re like teaching it to not bark the dog wouldn’t bark because he would think that he would get punished or something .


In Sunnyvale it is illegal for grocery stores to provide plastic bags. I think this is a law i would agree with because over 1 trillion plastic bags get used in the U.S and I think we should be wasting so much plastic.

In Baldwin Park no one is allowed to ride bikes in a pool lol. Ummmm yeah im pretty sure it is impossible to ride a bike in a pool, plus it would probably mess up the bike.



2 thoughts on “Craziest Laws in the U.S.

  1. Was there a response to like what kind of people would be wrestling bears? Like where they unstable mentally? Or just dare devils?


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