Domestic Violence

2 million injuries and 1,300 deaths are caused by domestic violence each year. Crazy huh?. 5.8 billions of dollars are payed to hospitals and doctors do to health issues caused by domestic violence. When we hear the word domestic violence we automatically assume of a man hurting a woman right ? Only because woman are normally weaker than men and we hardly ever hear of a man being hurt by a woman but did you know that 40% of domestic violence victims are men? Men don’t really feel comfortable pressing charges against a  woman because they feel like they will be looked at as if they are weak. Police sometimes ignore it or are just like okay for the same reason. People who are victims of domestic are scared to press charges against the people who are hurting them because they are afraid of what they will do to them for example the offender will often tell the victim that if they say or do anything that could get them in jail the will do something to them to their family or even both. The sad thing is that many of them stay quite and they end up in a grave.. 1 in 3 woman are victims of homicide. Many woman don’t press charges against they person they are with because they say “it wont happen again” but it should of even happened in the first place. When the person who they are with says this they don’t really mean it they just say it so that the woman wont leave but they will do it again again and again until the woman decides to leave. Domestic violence isn’t only in between  husband and wife or girlfriend and boyfriend domestic violence also occurs parent and kids or even in between siblings. We should all have respect towards our parents and siblings but we should never fear them. Some kids are victims of domestic violence as soon as the are born these kids have to watch their parents hurt each other every single day. Then comes the day when their parents start to scream at them or even start to hit them. Kids whom are victims of domestic violence start to grow up with fear of letting anyone into their life because they are afraid that whoever they let in will hurt them like their parents or siblings once did. I understand them I would be scared to let anyone in to! Not only do they grow up with neglect but they live in constant fear many of these kids wish they had school each day so that they don’t have to go home. They hate hearing the dismissal bell because they know what they are going home. Also as they start to grow up since they have lived in a domestic violence home they feel like it is okay to do it so once they get married or get in a relationship they feel like they have to be violent to their wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend. They don’t get they love they should get and they feel like it is their fault when in reality it isn’t. No one who is a victim of domestic violence should feel as if it is their fault that they are getting hurt because it is not ! So if you or anyone you is getting hurt physically or emotionally don’t be afraid to speak up .


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