Hunger and Obesity Around the World.

If I was to ask you what country you thought had the most people who are hungry. What would you think? Like lets be real right now what would be the first country to come to your mind? Africa right.? Only because many people who want to raise money to feed the hungry mostly use pictures or videos of kids in Africa who are starving right? But did you know that Southern Asia is the country that has the most kids who are hungry? Nearly 295 million people are hungry two thirds of Southern Asia. After Asia Africa comes second with 223 million people are hungry and then Easter Asia with 167 million people who are hungry. Of course they aren’t the only countries that have people who don’t have money to eat what they need to eat but those three are the countries with the highest numbers. Nearly 13 percent of the world is hungry. In 2010 7.6 million children died from hunger… yeah i know crazy huh? You realize that that’s nearly 20,000 kids died a day? When we go grocery shopping and buy things we don’t need or buy things we might not end up eating we’ll just throw it away. I’m sure we have all heard our parents say “eat what you get cause many people around the world wish they could have what you’re going to eat.” right? Then we’re just like yeah whatever and end up throw it away like nothing we don’t even think twice about throwing it away but like if you really do think about it there are soooooo many people that really do with they could have at least a piece of bread to eat. People who are hungry aren’t necessarily people who are starving they are people who don’t have enough money to go out and buy enough food to consume 2,000 calories a day. Poverty is the main reason as to why people go hungry. Now did you know that many kids are obese due to poverty? Right now you guys are probably thinking uhhhh how could this be possible if you need money to buy a lot of food so you can be obese, but if you go to the store what food is the cheapest? Healthy or unhealthy food? Canned foods are are cheaper than actually getting all the ingredients to make a healthy meal you could get like 30+ canned foods with what people waste to make one meal. Many woman who are single mothers only have that choice they can’t go out and buy what they would like to buy because they need to pay rent doctor food and everything else they just can’t buy all the stuff if they want to feed all their kids. So then kids start to gain weight become obese and feel fatigue but what can they do they have no other choice but to eat it. So next time you’re going to buy something you might not eat or you are about to throw away you’re food really think about how many people are hungry and how many kids pass away because they have nothing to eat start instead of throwing away food donate it so that everyone has a meal each day


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