And Then There Were One…..

Imagine committing a crime and not being punished for it in other words getting away with the crime you committed, and after awhile you get invited to an island everything paid for by someone you didn’t really know . Would you go? Yeah  you would huh lol because you wouldn’t connect it to the crime. Well lets say that when you get there nine other people you all got asked to sit for a meal and as they were serving your drinks and meals a voice recorder started to call you out on the crime you committed and as the days went by you realized there was no way out besides dying.


This is what happened in the book I read in class called And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

In the book there is a judge by the name of Justice Wargrave people called him the hanging judge because Wargrave wouldn’t care if they were innocent or not he would sentence them to death every single time, and so Wargrave thought that many people committed crimes and they would just get away with it little did he know he was one of them. So as the story goes on he chooses 9 people that committed or were linked to a murder then he sends them a letter saying that he invites them to his island for a get together and just to spend the holidays there but at the end of the letters he signed it as U.K Owen so that people didn’t know it was him. He even wrote himself one. Everyone agreed to go and once they got there they sat down at the table to eat and to get to know each other but as soon as they sat down Mr. Rogers turns on a record player little did he know that the voice recording was of crime that every single on of them had committed. Once they heard they were in shock starting with Mr Rogers. Once he heard what they were accusing him of he dropped the plate  that had the drinks and they all tried denying it or tried to make an excuse to what they did. Later on once Anthony Marston drinks what Mr Rogers gave him he gets poisoned and everyone got scared because they started freak out because they start to notice that the Indians that were on the table disappear after someone dies. There is a  part in the book in which Wargrave convinces Dr. Armstrong to fake Wargrave death but that was just on of Wargrave plans so that he could kill everyone . After Dr. Armstrong says Wargrave is dead they secretly meet up and Wargrave kills at Armstrong. This book was creepy because at the very end of the book he says how he got the idea and how he did it. It was so crazy. Its also crazy how she wrote such an amazing book it was chilling like how can you write a book like that, that confuses the reader and that actually gets them to think because not many books can do that I totally recommend it to everyone !



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