How bad do you want to be successful? Many give up because they constantly get let down or because they try to act cool in front of their friends. Like okay lets see what that’s going to get you later on in life. Lets be real we all need to be successful right. We all want fancy cars we all want to live in a mansion when we grow up so on so on but many people don’t try in high school so when they get to college it’s like 0_0 what am I doing this is what makes many drop out of college. They don’t realize how different it is than high school and they play around in college go to parties and then when they see that they are so behind and they can’t really make up things they get stressed and drop it. In all honest its up to you if you want to be successful or not. You can’t be letting people constantly bringing you down and telling you that you can’t do what you want to do. They can’t live your life for you. You have to be willing to make mistakes and fail so you can keep on trying until you succeed because as you keep making mistakes and failing you will learn your lesson and you will know what not to do next time in order to get what you want. You have to be willing to do the right thing at the right time because if you do something under the table or whatever when you can choose to do something wrong you can literally lose everything so all your hard work and all your money goes to the trash. Also to be successful isn’t to have a lot of money or to have things other people can’t have it’s about being able to do something you love to do and are willing to do it every single day of your life it’s about being happy with what you do. imagine if you had to do something you highly disliked because you did it cause of the money like yeah sure you’ll have what you want to be you will never be happy with what you do and many of the people who do things because of the money fail classes in highs school and or in college because they’re just not passionate about it so they really didn’t care about classes and stuff like that. Many people don’t go to college because none of their family went so they think that they wont be able to make it but image being the first one your parents would be so happy. so don’t let things like that get to you. Do something you are passionate about and prove to everyone that if you really want something you will succeed at it !


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