School Uniforms

Lately I have been hearing people say that they want school uniforms and that they are needed for our safety but I completely disagree with this because for one you can’t express who you are like you create a fake image of yourself just to please others, and two because people are creating a false image of themselves you don’t really know who they are you know? Lets say that there are gangsters in the school right, and they all have to dress up in a uniform you wouldn’t be able to distinguish them. Also, they say that it would be good because people would be saving up money but if you really think about it people are going to go out and buy clothes whether they need it or not you know they are going to need clothes for outside of school ? Like they’re not just getting it because of school. They need something to change into after school is over. I feel like they would be spending more money if we were to get uniforms because now not only are you going to be getting outside of school clothes but now you’re going to be getting school uniforms that will only be used during school and also you’re going to be washing more clothes because now not only will you have they one outfit but you will have two outfits so now instead of just having one load of dirty clothes you’ll have two. There are also parents who can’t afford having to buy uniforms and it would be crazy if they like had to cut their grocery budget just it get a uniform for their kids they shouldn’t have to do that they should give their kids what they can. This isn’t the real problem though let’s go back to what I was saying about not being able to express yourself, I feel like we should always be allowed to show who we are. Most of us dress how we are feeling that day and people know if we are upset or if something is up so that they can help us with it and if we were to wear uniforms I feel like we wouldn’t really be able to see how someone feels. For example us as girls wear makeup right?, and if we are upset or we are out of it we don’t put any on most of the times we don’t it and in some occasion we don’t put it on cause we don’t have time but most of the times if were not wearing it we are upset and we just didn’t want to do this usually  tell other people we are upset about something and they ask if everything is okay. For that reason it is that I believe we should be allowed to wear whatever we want to wear.


2 thoughts on “School Uniforms

  1. I agree! Especially with students, who are still trying to find who they really are in high school should have the freedom of expressing themselves at least through what they wear. Even if there was uniforms, there would be students trying to personalize them.


  2. I think that school is a place to learn, so expressing yourself shouldn’t be something to worry about. Having uniforms would save so much time because you already know what you have to wear, rather than standing on front of your closet for 10 minutes trying to figure out what to wear. Also I believe there would be less judging because everyone would be wearing the same thing.


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