I’m sure we have all heard of bullying at least once in their life if not even more, because it’s such a big problem and everyone either contributes to it or they are the victim. Now you don’t have to actually hit or verbally abuse someone but if you see that someone is being hurt and you don’t speak up then you are contributing to it by letting the bully continue to hurt them. Many adults sometimes ignore it because they say that the kids are little and that they are just playing games. This just makes the problem worse it makes these kid start to think it is perfectly fine to be doing these types of things. Many kids that are bullies are the way the are because they get bullied at home or they see one of their parents abusing the other making the kid think that its a normal thing to do. Nearly 3.2 million students are victims of bullying 160,000 students will skip so that they don’t have to face their bully, and 1 in 10 students will drop out of school because of this issue. These bullies don’t just do this cause they want to have fun or because they want to seem cool. They do it because they are hurt they feel like less of a person and they need to make someone feel bad so that they can feel superior to them. They also do these types of thing because they are dying for attention and that is the sad thing like does someone really need to hurt someone so much that they consider suicide as an answer because they aren’t secure of themselves? I recently heard of this case that this 10 year old boy beat his 2 year old brother to death and they are thinking about putting him in jail for life, but what they didn’t say about this boy was that he was beat when he was younger by his step-dad the day he killed his brother he was angry about something his dad did to him and he took his anger out on his brother. Now i’m not saying that was he did was right because it wasn’t but if his mom would have sent him to therapy or maybe if his mom would have stayed and not make him watch his brother watch it would have all been prevented.  Bullying isn’t the answer to any question we should try to listen the kids around up so they don’t grow up with anger.


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