Help those who are in need.

Why is it that we hear bad things about other places rather than hearing things about those who are in of help.? The media has made us think about war, deaths, narcotics, celebrities, and stuff like that causing us to have hatred towards other country. I’m more than sure that other countries aren’t as bad as the media makes them look like. Who knows maybe another country is making America seem dangerous and bad because of the things that have happened here but those thing shouldn’t be the highlight of America we live here and honestly it’s a perfectly fine place to live in. I mean obviously there are some things that happen in America that make it look dangerous but just because things happen around the world doesn’t mean we should have hatred nor should we be scared of other places and the people in them. Instead of stereotyping people and counties we should help each other not just for our safety but for the sake of our future generations for the kids we will one day bring into the world, so they can feel safe and so the they can get along with others of alternate cultures. As I was doing research about those who are in need of help I thought about the food drive we hold at school even though to some it may not seem like much it’s a blessing to those who receive the food. They’re like wow I can live another day thanks to people who were able to donate this food. To us it may not seem like such a big deal but it really it. We are putting smiles on faces and giving others another days of life. I also came across websites in which you are able to sponsor younger kids who can’t go to school or have a good meal due to financial issues. To me it is extremely important to help others and to make others feel loved and cared for just seeing them with a smile makes me happy. They didn’t chose to live the life they are living they were brought into it and just because they are not as privileged as others doesn’t mean they wont have a successful life. On the other hand I feel like those who grow up not having much work harder to get the things they never had growing up and also to give their family the better life. We should stop letting the media get to us and start helping those who are in need so the world can become a happier place


One thought on “Help those who are in need.

  1. I totally agree with you. We are so focused on what the media tells us that we forget what the real issue is. Like you said, we should be focusing on the kids because they don’t get to pick in what culture or life style they grow up in. We should be focusing on trying to make this place better for the future generations rather than judging irrelevant things and/or people.


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