And Then There Were One…..

Imagine committing a crime and not being punished for it in other words getting away with the crime you committed, and after awhile you get invited to an island everything paid for by someone you didn’t really know . Would you go? Yeah  you would huh lol because you wouldn’t connect it to the crime. Well lets say that when you get there nine other people you all got asked to sit for a meal and as they were serving your drinks and meals a voice recorder started to call you out on the crime you committed and as the days went by you realized there was no way out besides dying.


This is what happened in the book I read in class called And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

In the book there is a judge by the name of Justice Wargrave people called him the hanging judge because Wargrave wouldn’t care if they were innocent or not he would sentence them to death every single time, and so Wargrave thought that many people committed crimes and they would just get away with it little did he know he was one of them. So as the story goes on he chooses 9 people that committed or were linked to a murder then he sends them a letter saying that he invites them to his island for a get together and just to spend the holidays there but at the end of the letters he signed it as U.K Owen so that people didn’t know it was him. He even wrote himself one. Everyone agreed to go and once they got there they sat down at the table to eat and to get to know each other but as soon as they sat down Mr. Rogers turns on a record player little did he know that the voice recording was of crime that every single on of them had committed. Once they heard they were in shock starting with Mr Rogers. Once he heard what they were accusing him of he dropped the plate  that had the drinks and they all tried denying it or tried to make an excuse to what they did. Later on once Anthony Marston drinks what Mr Rogers gave him he gets poisoned and everyone got scared because they started freak out because they start to notice that the Indians that were on the table disappear after someone dies. There is a  part in the book in which Wargrave convinces Dr. Armstrong to fake Wargrave death but that was just on of Wargrave plans so that he could kill everyone . After Dr. Armstrong says Wargrave is dead they secretly meet up and Wargrave kills at Armstrong. This book was creepy because at the very end of the book he says how he got the idea and how he did it. It was so crazy. Its also crazy how she wrote such an amazing book it was chilling like how can you write a book like that, that confuses the reader and that actually gets them to think because not many books can do that I totally recommend it to everyone !




How would you feel if someone had the ability to take away your life? Before you even got to have a say in it? Before you were even born. Well that’s what happens with babies who are still in their moms womb. They basically get their whole future demolished they never got chance to become someone in life. I believe abortion is wrong when you are committing it for a selfish reason and I will give you some reasons as to why I think this way.

For one because the babies heart is already starting to beat by the time you are able to even have an abortion the time. A baby’s heartbeat starts within the first 6 weeks of fertilization. Not only that but as soon as the egg and the sperm conceive its starts to develop therefore its already a little person.They can feel the abortion.According to some anatomical studies have shown that the bodys pain network is established within the first twenty weeks of pregnancy. The babys brain has a full compliment of brain cells that are present within at 20 weeks of fertilization therefore its ready to receive pain signals from the body. Medical evidence proves that the unborn fetus experiences pain as it tries to move away from the pain.

Also, its not only harming the baby but its harming the mom not only physically but mentally and emotionally according to woman that had an abortion were interviewed and said that after the abortion they have felt anger, regret, and guilt. Some woman said that after abortion they have fell into depression because they got so used to feeling the baby inside of them that after they get an abortion they start to feel lonely, isolation, and they feel ashame because they can’t believe they have taken their babies life  . Like okay I get that maybe some women get raped and they develope hate towards the fetus but it’s not the babies fault they did nothing whatsoever there are so many women who can’t have babies that wish they could have one and never get the chance to experience it. So if women don’t want their baby they can put it up for adoption and let someone who really wants a baby adopt it and gave him/her the love they weren’t able to give them.

One of the things that makes me extremely upset is when young teens get pregnant to keep a guy by their sides but end up having an abortion because the guy leaves them. Like first the guy is definitely not gonna stay special at a young age they want to have fun not stay stuck to a girl just because they have a baby. I respect a guy who is willing to drop everything to be with a woman who he get pregnant but its like extremely rare. Secondly you are going to feel horrible after you do it because not only will you be losing the guy you love that you were trying to make stay but you are also losing the baby you carried inside the one you start to love because of the guy . You will most likely start to feel lonely, you will feel guilty and you will most likely start to feel dumb because you’re gonna be thinking wow did I really do this over guy and that eventually you’re gonna find who loves you and you’re going to end up having trust issues its going to hurt them soo much. It’s just so sad to see that so many of us girls fall for things guys dont mean they just say things to get what they want and dont realize how much pain they are going to put the girl in.

My last reason (out of so many) is that I see it as a legal murder and this is where so many people disagree. The reason for the way I think is because I have grown up with my parents always talking about pregnancy being so precious and how its wrong. Like I had said in my previous paragraphs the baby is already growing its already alive. See and thats where some people see it differently some women see the baby as a growing piece of tissue and thats just what the were taught when they were younger my way of see abortion is a legal murder but thats just me.

I believe we could lower the rate of abortion by informing woman what they are doing to her body and make woman who have a had an abortion before talk to them and tell this how it was after how hard , painful and how they feel now. A way we could make a guy think twice before he does things is somehow make him see how much he is hurting the girl or put a scenario in which later on he had a daughter and we would like ask him if he would want some guy to do that to his daughter. Like tell her what she wants to hear to get what he want . Would he like to see his little girl stuck in a situation like that? I’m sure that would actually make him think about things and maybe then we would live in a world where we respected each other and we wouldn’t do things just for fun.

Now I personally believe abortion is wrong especially when its done for a selfish reason, but i’m not here to say that its bad for you to have a different idea its just my opinion and how I see things. Like I said before I realize that many women do this because they were raped and they feel so much anger cause they think they are going to see the face of the guy that raped them, but there are other options like adoption they would be making someone so happy if they could give them something they never got a chance to have. Once again I dont think its fair that the fetus has no say in it and that someone can chose to end their life without letting the baby become someone in life.

Hunger and Obesity Around the World.

If I was to ask you what country you thought had the most people who are hungry. What would you think? Like lets be real right now what would be the first country to come to your mind? Africa right.? Only because many people who want to raise money to feed the hungry mostly use pictures or videos of kids in Africa who are starving right? But did you know that Southern Asia is the country that has the most kids who are hungry? Nearly 295 million people are hungry two thirds of Southern Asia. After Asia Africa comes second with 223 million people are hungry and then Easter Asia with 167 million people who are hungry. Of course they aren’t the only countries that have people who don’t have money to eat what they need to eat but those three are the countries with the highest numbers. Nearly 13 percent of the world is hungry. In 2010 7.6 million children died from hunger… yeah i know crazy huh? You realize that that’s nearly 20,000 kids died a day? When we go grocery shopping and buy things we don’t need or buy things we might not end up eating we’ll just throw it away. I’m sure we have all heard our parents say “eat what you get cause many people around the world wish they could have what you’re going to eat.” right? Then we’re just like yeah whatever and end up throw it away like nothing we don’t even think twice about throwing it away but like if you really do think about it there are soooooo many people that really do with they could have at least a piece of bread to eat. People who are hungry aren’t necessarily people who are starving they are people who don’t have enough money to go out and buy enough food to consume 2,000 calories a day. Poverty is the main reason as to why people go hungry. Now did you know that many kids are obese due to poverty? Right now you guys are probably thinking uhhhh how could this be possible if you need money to buy a lot of food so you can be obese, but if you go to the store what food is the cheapest? Healthy or unhealthy food? Canned foods are are cheaper than actually getting all the ingredients to make a healthy meal you could get like 30+ canned foods with what people waste to make one meal. Many woman who are single mothers only have that choice they can’t go out and buy what they would like to buy because they need to pay rent doctor food and everything else they just can’t buy all the stuff if they want to feed all their kids. So then kids start to gain weight become obese and feel fatigue but what can they do they have no other choice but to eat it. So next time you’re going to buy something you might not eat or you are about to throw away you’re food really think about how many people are hungry and how many kids pass away because they have nothing to eat start instead of throwing away food donate it so that everyone has a meal each day

Domestic Violence

2 million injuries and 1,300 deaths are caused by domestic violence each year. Crazy huh?. 5.8 billions of dollars are payed to hospitals and doctors do to health issues caused by domestic violence. When we hear the word domestic violence we automatically assume of a man hurting a woman right ? Only because woman are normally weaker than men and we hardly ever hear of a man being hurt by a woman but did you know that 40% of domestic violence victims are men? Men don’t really feel comfortable pressing charges against a  woman because they feel like they will be looked at as if they are weak. Police sometimes ignore it or are just like okay for the same reason. People who are victims of domestic are scared to press charges against the people who are hurting them because they are afraid of what they will do to them for example the offender will often tell the victim that if they say or do anything that could get them in jail the will do something to them to their family or even both. The sad thing is that many of them stay quite and they end up in a grave.. 1 in 3 woman are victims of homicide. Many woman don’t press charges against they person they are with because they say “it wont happen again” but it should of even happened in the first place. When the person who they are with says this they don’t really mean it they just say it so that the woman wont leave but they will do it again again and again until the woman decides to leave. Domestic violence isn’t only in between  husband and wife or girlfriend and boyfriend domestic violence also occurs parent and kids or even in between siblings. We should all have respect towards our parents and siblings but we should never fear them. Some kids are victims of domestic violence as soon as the are born these kids have to watch their parents hurt each other every single day. Then comes the day when their parents start to scream at them or even start to hit them. Kids whom are victims of domestic violence start to grow up with fear of letting anyone into their life because they are afraid that whoever they let in will hurt them like their parents or siblings once did. I understand them I would be scared to let anyone in to! Not only do they grow up with neglect but they live in constant fear many of these kids wish they had school each day so that they don’t have to go home. They hate hearing the dismissal bell because they know what they are going home. Also as they start to grow up since they have lived in a domestic violence home they feel like it is okay to do it so once they get married or get in a relationship they feel like they have to be violent to their wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend. They don’t get they love they should get and they feel like it is their fault when in reality it isn’t. No one who is a victim of domestic violence should feel as if it is their fault that they are getting hurt because it is not ! So if you or anyone you is getting hurt physically or emotionally don’t be afraid to speak up .

Craziest Laws in the U.S.


In Alabama wrestling matches with bears are prohibited. Once I saw this I thought it was completely absurd because it should be obvious that you shouldn’t be wrestling with bears . Right?

It is also illegal  to drive blindfolded lol. Yeah ummm why in the world would anyone think of driving blindfolded that sounds like such a bad idea you would probably crash before you even pull out of the drive way.

Another law that caught my eye was that you are not allowed to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket. If you don’t want dirty pants then it you should know better than putting an ice cream cone in your back pocket because it is going to melt and then you’re going to be all sticky and dirty


In Alaska it is considered an offense to push a moose out of an airplane. First of all why would you even be in a plane with animals?!  I don’t know who could ever think about doing something like that if the moose isn’t doing anything to you then let it be.


In Arkansas if  teacher wears her hair as a bob they will not be able to get a raise. Why would it matter if a teachers hair is short or long I think all that should matter  is if a teacher is doing his/her job right or not. A raise should not be determined her their hair .

 A dog is not allowed to bark after 6 pm. I’m guessing there are like no dogs there because you cant control when a dog barks. What if there was a fire in your house or and intruder the dog should have barked but since your ‘re like teaching it to not bark the dog wouldn’t bark because he would think that he would get punished or something .


In Sunnyvale it is illegal for grocery stores to provide plastic bags. I think this is a law i would agree with because over 1 trillion plastic bags get used in the U.S and I think we should be wasting so much plastic.

In Baldwin Park no one is allowed to ride bikes in a pool lol. Ummmm yeah im pretty sure it is impossible to ride a bike in a pool, plus it would probably mess up the bike.



Over the years technology has increased about 40.3 percent. In 1995 there was only about 16 million  people whom used internet now there is about 2,937 million internet users. So if you think about it internet use has increased by 2921 million people Studies show that 6 out of 10 parents in the U.S. allow their children from ages 8 to 12 to have a cellphone. 80% of the parents buy it for their kids safety , communication, and to keep track of the the other 20 % buy it just because their kids ask for it. Meanwhile it being a good thing it could be such a dangerous thing! People can act like they are someone else in order to hurt other people. It can be easier to cyber-bull other kinds and worst thing is that some parents dont bother checking their kids stuff. Also, many schools are dropping pencil and paper and replacing it with computers this has caused a lot of students to drop their grades because they are getting distracted with other things like games. Also, it has made their grades drop because a lot of teachers are just making them watch videos to learn something which I personally think that it’s wrong because when you need to ask a question you wont be able to ask the computer and if you ask your teacher they wont know what you are talking about because they aren’t teaching you the computer is.